Under the Headset: Surviving Dispatcher Stress, 2nd Edition DOWNLOADABLE PDF VERSION

Under the Headset: Surviving Dispatcher Stress, 2nd Edition DOWNLOADABLE PDF VERSION

Staggs Publishing

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by Richard Behr

ISBN 978-1-933373-09-6
191 pages

Published 2019

This updated edition of Richard Behr's Under the Headset: Surviving Dispatcher Stress is a book about the stress of being a dispatcher. Written by a dispatcher and a critical incident stress instructor, it includes information about the stress process, identifying stressors, and coping with stress. The book also includes sections on humor and inspiration. Stories of survival, written by dispatchers who have lived through the stress of critical incidents, are provided.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — A Personal Journey

Chapter 2 — The Boring Chapter, Or the stress process

  • Biochemical/Physiological Affects
  • Signs and Symptoms of Stress
  • Stress Health Facts
  • Emergency Services Personality Profile

Chapter 3 — Identifying Our Stressors

  • Specific Dispatch Stressors

Chapter 4 — Ways to Cope with Stress

  • What you need/don't need

    Chapter 5 — Coping Techniques

    Chapter 6 — Surviving and Thriving

    • Coping at home
    • Why are we prone to CIS?

    Chapter 7 — Exercises

    Chapter 8 — Humor

    • A Prayer for the Stressed
    • How to Tell if You're a Dispatcher
    • Things You'd Love to Say to the Public But Can't
    • Stress Diet
    • Chain of Command
    • Little Johnny
    • Top Ten Reasons Why 9-1-1 is More Than Just a Job
    • You Know You're Too Stressed If

    Chapter 9 — Dispatcher Inspiration

    • Frogs
    • Guardian Angel
    • Juggling Life
    • Lessons from Geese
    • And God Created Dispatchers

    Chapter 10 — Dispatcher Prayers

    • Dispatcher Prayer
    • Who Am I
    • Letter to a Veteran Police Officer
    • A Tribute to Dispatchers

    Chapter 11 —- Officer Inspirational

    • Tears of a Cop
    • Lousy Cop

    Chapter 12 — Police Officer Prayer

    Chapter 13 — Firefighter Inspirational

    • A Firefighter's Prayer
    • A True Hero
    • What is a Fireman?
    • Admiration!

    Chapter 14 — The Teacher

    • Friendship
    • Heart Hotel

    Chapter 15 — Stories of Survival

    • Karen from Iowa
    • Warriors and White Roses
    • Texas A&M Tragedy

    Chapter 16 — Taking Care of Yourself

    • An Apocryphal Tale
    • In Closing

    Chapter 17 — WEB Sites of Interest

    Chapter 18 — Books of Interest

    About the Author

    Richard Behr has been in public safety for over 40 years. After a stint in the U.S. Navy as a photographer, his first job was with a private ambulance service. Richard then switched careers to become a firefighter. After 13 years he became a public safety dispatcher. During his career, Richard has received numerous commendations, letters of appreciation and has received his agency's Meritorious Service Medal and Medal of Bravery. He is a Member with Diplomate status of The American Academy of Experts in Trau- matic Stress, is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and is Board Certified in Emergency Crisis Response. He is Past Secretary and Past Vice President of Riverside County Law Enforcement Trainers Association (CA). Richard has been a presenter for several conferences around the country, including Associated Public Safety Officials (APCO) International and Regional Conferences and National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conferences. As a founding member of a critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) team, he has taught hundreds of dispatchers about the effects stress has on their job performance and personal lives.